About Us

“The Ecstatic way of Living is well portrayed with Artistic way of life”

Apart from the whole scenario of hurry burry life, what renders through Identity Infrastructures Twin Towers-“The Identity” is not just a luxurious living experience designed through artistic way. Each nook and corner is well developed in such a way so as to comprise with all the luxurious amenities that fulfil the ecstatic way of living. The comfy feel emerges within each aspect of dream home which resembles the high definition living through all comforts and utility point of view.

It’s one step ahead from all dream home living parameters. Experience the aesthetic touch in design and technology which assures comfy status in each day and each moment. We focus on delivering an utmost peaceful living ambience merged with happiness even at the midst of city life.

“The Identity” comprise of 30 Super Luxurious flats which are highly spacious and designed with the best-in-class model and modern technology. Live and work from a touch down business space of your own where you can conduct business and meetings in utmost privacy is a speciality of this dream home. From Kitchen to bathroom, you can feel and experience the state-of-the-art designs. Feel the ‘Nature’ within your living space where you could be connected with greenery and peacefulness at ease. Experience the high proximity status to all facilities beholding the hometown living comfort.